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What Will We Cover?

An indepth event planning and design strategy day to align event goals with event execution to help convert attendees and deliver the desired transformation CEOs  envision through live and virtual experiences.


At the end of your VIP Day you’ll have:

  • An event strategy specific to your support team that meets your intended goals
  • Execution plan for pre, live, and post event experience
  • Design docie for vendors 
  • Marketing & PR checklist
  • Day-of timeline draft
  • CARE plan for team, audience & vendors

Throughout the day, you’ll get continued accountability & support:


To ADVANCE you event planning & design experience

To DESIGN a transformational experience without burnout or busting your bottom line

To ENHANCE your brand through live and virtual events

To help you CONVERT your intended audience at the end of the event


To allow your team to ENJOY the execution & experience of your event

To help you GAIN clarity with event strategy

To help you focus on the TRANSFORMATION that you offer


To help produce an ALIGNED event experience of the brand they know, love and trust

To help produce a next level event that WOWS them and makes them feel appreciated

You’ll be guided through a strategy to execute a high touch event that delights your audience while meeting event goals without questioning what chaos will ensue during your event.

Planning Efficiency Intensive

$5K VIP Day

Included Features

  • Event Design Docile
  • Event Timeline
  • Sponsor Outreach Plan
  • Goal Tracker
  • Budget Sheet
  • Vendor & Creative Parter Plan
  • Internal Execution Plan
  • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • Team CARE Plan
  • Surprise & Delight Plan
  • Team Capability Strategy
  • Contracts, Agreements & Liability Plan
  • Live & Virtual Event Templates & Checklists

TOTAL VALUE = $24,800


TODAY'S PRICE = $5,000

YES! I want My VIP Day!

You’ve heard the rumblings...


EVERYONE is ready to attend events as things start getting back to normal.  With your team you figure, “we can definitely plan an event, not a problem”. 

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

It pains you to think that your team will be pulled away from what they do best to manage the chaos of an event. 


The solutions you’ve come up with:

"I’ll just hire a planner" - That’s great to stay organized and manage the day of execution, but they can only execute what you direct them to.  If your vision is blurry then your event will always miss the mark.  If you are truly willing to make the time commitment and want Full Service Planning + Strategy, let me better serve you HERE.

"The venue coordinator takes care of everything" - Wrong.  The venue coordinator operates in the best interest of the venue.  They are great partners on your team, but don’t know your audience and will not be liable if you don’t protect your brand. 

"My team can handle it" - I’m sure they are AMAZING and I want you to be CARE for them.  Clear direction and goals is how a CEO truly shows they care and keeps their team from wasting time figuring out the details of something you will later have them do over.

Let’s not forget those show stoppers for events like, COVID-19 guidance.  Who’s tracking that?


That's cute, buuuut not your reality.  What you need is...


 More time spent on your area of genius

 Energy to show up to the event you envisioned

 Clarity in delivering an experience that meets your goals 



Event CARE VIP Day




A VIP Day Experience That Can Change Everything 

Unlike other programs that take weeks and months to complete, this solution is highly effective because in one day we lay out a full design and execution plan for your event.

Imaging jumpstarting your event planning with a guide to help you navigate those commonly missed tasks.

Imagine dramatically reducing your planning timeline and increasing your team's bandwidth.

Imagine not having to blindly plan your next event hoping to break even.

This Is For ...

Transformation CEOs that want a customized event execution strategy 


Perfect for small but might teams and life coaches looking to meet their audiences need for connection through virtual or in person events


Influencers & organizations who want to incorporate events into their formula to bring transformation to their audience


Strategic bosses who want a plan to execute a life changing experience AND increase their bottom line


Thoughtful CEOs who want to enhance the experience of their audience and team through events


Individuals who don’t have the time to waist on courses that won’t get completed and want a high touch experience where they co-create an event that makes sense for their bottom line & their bandwidth


CEOs who are ready to make decisions and need clarity around their event strategy


CEOs who want to surprise and delight their audience that will bring the same excitement and energy to their VIP Day that they’ll bring on the day of the event 


CEOs who what accountability and support for their team through the event execution process

This Is Not For...

Individuals that lack measurable goals or a developed brand that just want to have a party. (Your best bet is to hire a brand strategist, but if you just want a pretty party, hire a decorator.)


 CEOs looking for a completely done for you, hands off event planning experience. (That doesn’t exist btw, but if you need Full Service Planning you can request that HERE.)


Entrepreneurs who are unsure of who they serve or what they are trying to accomplish with this event.


Bosses who don’t care about the impact on themselves or their team.  Planning an event can be very stressful and can cause major impacts to finances, moral and growth.


CEOs that take themselves too seriously and want to micromanage their planning process.  I want you to have a great time from planning to execution so there is no room for power tripping here.

Hobbiest who have not committed a budget to their event or planning efforts.


Desperate team leads that thought they could take on the planning process, but now has a mess they need someone to tactfully clean up.  You'd need to refer to my Full Service offerings and prayer.


Individuals who are not ready to made decisions, are unclear about their business objectives and are unwilling to trust the process.



"Listen up....BREE IS INCREDIBLE!!! 

She has gone so far above and beyond the call of duty to help me. She has been so professional, supportive, and attentive. I would recommend her to anybody."

-Jessica E

Let’s face it...

we have been cooped up in the house too long to then come to your event and receive a basic swag bag and watch your team scurry around to put out whatever fire is burning in the background.  We need thoughtfully planned events that will wow us and remind us of how blessed we are to be able to gather together again.  I don’t just want this for your attendees, but for your team as well.


I’m here to raise the bar and change the standard on event planning & design.  Let me help you design experiences that fully reflect your brand, meet your goals and guide you to develop a strategy your team will thank you for.  I’m breaking down my proven plan so you can execute a next level event.


“... Allow me to reintroduce myself…” My name is Bree

Each day I get the opportunity to work with world changes who are passionate about serving people and love to have a great time.  I'm a passionate coach, Event Specialist and Speaker, that transforms spaces and hearts through authentic design and purposeful planning. With a background in civil engineering, I bring my brilliance of problem-solving, strategic planning and eye for design to create refined experiences. Using her CARE method, I guide CEOs through thoughtful design that highlights the brand, complements its culture and improves its bottom line.

Can I let you in on a secret many event planners probably won’t tell you?

Creating a well executed event that meets your business goals starts with math and the right strategy.  In engineering and events I’ve seen projects take a turn for the worst because they did not CARE about the people or the numbers.  Time, Money, Data.  These aren’t sexy words like champaign, linens and lighting, but definitely need to be the focus of a solid plan.  Even more so are the people who will support the plan and their energy throughout the process.  With my CARE method I ensure that you:

Carefully Consider your goals, timeline, budget and bandwidth

Assess the Foundation of the team you have in place to support you and level off common misconceptions you may have regarding events

Reinforce the Structure of your event strategy with sponsorship and collaboration plans, as well as templates and customizations 

Finally, I’ll help you Engage + Trust your plan & team so that you can have a phenomenal event 

I'm Ready To Book My VIP Day!

This is what people are saying about Event CARE VIP Day...


 - Jennifer B



Here’s the truth…


The world is ready to come out and engage in events.  If you are not ready to offer the people what they want, they will go invest in other coaches' transformational experiences.


You can be the answer to what they are looking for.


Are you ready to plan a life changing event without draining your team or missing opportunities to provide a truly one of a kind experience?


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