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A community of military spouses & service women who  thrive personally, in marriage & in building a legacy in community.

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The Command Collective Community

Join a community of supportive and like-hearted women working together to become change agents in their lives and their marriages. Each month, we’ll tackle a major area of your life to help you build toward total clarity: Your identity, your marriage, and your future. 

Throughout the membership, you’ll get continued accountability & support:

Weekly group coaching sessions and community-building with other ambitious, military-affiliated women working alongside you to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Access to a monthly Blueprint Bundle (BB) to empower healing and confidence in major areas of your life most affected by military life. 


Your monthly group Power Pairing (PP) that includes an aspiring Commander Q&A with an accomplished Honorary Commander (mentor).


We’ll revisit each pillar (mindset, marriage & legacy) quarterly, with deeper insights, goal support, and activities to foster lifelong change in your life. Stay for the year or work month-to-month until you’re ready to ‘PCS’ and bring sustainable hope & change to your life, relationship & future.


Meet Your Squad

It can be a challenge to find your people within this military lifestyle.  We typically look to spouse clubs or installation organizations, however each time you do a PCS move, you have to start all over again building relationships.  The Facebook groups offer us spaces to try to connect, but those groups don’t grow with you, however, do you really want to put your vulnerabilities out in those internet streets?


The Command Collective offers a secure location for open dialogue and a squad that goes and grows with you.  We help you set goals and support you in achieving tangible results because we believe that you are made for more and when you win we all win.

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"Thank you, Bree, for your uplifting content!

Identity gave me so many new tools to think about myself and my life. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in unhelpful mental ruts. Bree's section about "Reframe" helped me think of more productive ways to move past those ruts into a clearer state of mind. I also felt so validated by her reminder that we are more than simply the titles we hold—that even when a job or relationship goes away, our core identity remains the same."

-Sarah S.

Command Plan

Each quarter we focus on a Thrive Theme (TT) that you help determine based on your goals.  We focus on our TT for each of our pillars: Mindset - Marriage - Legacy

This is what it looks like over your CC year.

Annual Focus

Access to Identity* 

Community CARE Roadmap* 

4 Thrive Themes (TT)* 

Quarterly Focus 

Month 1 Pillar - Mindset

Month 2 Pillar - Marriage

Month 3 Pillar - Legacy 

Monthly Focus

Master Mentor (MM) Session

Power Pairing (PP) Networking

Commanders' Calls

PLUS an exclusive group forum for questions, support a secure dialogue!


The Identity Program

Our work starts with you. In this 4-week foundational course, you’ll learn to embrace yourself and get clarity and insights into what a fulfilled life means for you. You’ll get the tools you need to stop unhealthy thought processes and choose a new path forward with your partner—one that’s grounded in your hopes, wishes, and dreams.

With Identity, you get access to:

  1. Four transformational modules to help you uncover the most important driving questions in your life. 

    Why do I feel the way I do? 

    What is my purpose? 

    How do I build confidence daily?

  2. A journaling workbook with prompts and inspiration to help you dig deeper, identify what’s holding you back in your marriage, and use the CARE Method to find the answers you need.
  3. Weekly Commanders' Call coaching sessions with me, where we’ll chart your goals and progress.
  4. A community of women here to support you and lift you up while you do this deep and often uncomfortable “me” work together. 

Here's the truth...

Achieving personal and professional goals in this military lifestyle CAN NOT be done alone.  What we each need is a community of mentors, supportive peers and those that we can reach back and help.  The Collective is specifically designed to foster this environment so you can thrive in not just one area, but in three key areas of fulfillment.

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