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The Command Collective Community

Join a community of supportive and like-minded women working together to become change agents in their lives and their marriages. Each month, we’ll tackle a major area of your life to help you build toward total clarity: Your identity, your marriage, and your future. 

Throughout the membership, you’ll get continued accountability & support:

Weekly group coaching sessions and community-building with other military-affiliated women working alongside you to improve their marriages

Access to a monthly blueprint bundle to empower healing and confidence in major areas of your life most affected by military life. 

Your monthly blueprint bundle includes workbooks for each course, with journaling, prompts, and exercises to bring clarity and shape your work

We’ll revisit each topic quarterly, with deeper insights, goal support, and activities to foster lifelong change in your life. Stay for three months or work month-to-month until you’re ready to ‘graduate’ and bring sustainable hope & change to your marriage. 

"Thank you, Bree, for your uplifting content!

Identity gave me so many new tools to think about myself and my life. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in unhelpful mental ruts. Bree's section about "Reframe" helped me think of more productive ways to move past those ruts into a clearer state of mind. I also felt so validated by her reminder that we are more than simply the titles we hold—that even when a job or relationship goes away, our core identity remains the same."

-Sarah S.

Membership BONUS

The Identity Program

Our work starts with you. In this 4-week foundational course, you’ll learn to embrace yourself and get clarity and insights into what a fulfilled life means for you. You’ll get the tools you need to stop unhealthy thought processes and choose a new path forward with your partner—one that’s grounded in your hopes, wishes, and dreams.

With Identity, you get access to:

  1. Four transformational modules to help you uncover the most important driving questions in your life. 

    Why do I feel the way I do? 

    What is my purpose? 

    How do I build confidence daily?

  2. A journaling workbook with prompts and inspiration to help you dig deeper, identify what’s holding you back in your marriage, and use the CARE Method to find the answers you need
  3. Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with me, where we’ll chart your goals and progress
  4. A community of women here to support you and lift you up while you do this deep and often uncomfortable “me” work together 
Join The Collective

"Identity is a phenomenal program! I can't wait to see what else Bree creates.

I highly recommend the Identity program for any military spouse that's going through a transition. It really gave me the space to recognize some things I needed to change, and I could peel back some layers of healing that I needed to address. Bree walks you through step-by-step how to show up in a way that you probably haven’t before. Her CARE Method gave me the tools I needed to become a better version of myself. For myself, my kids, my spouse, my friends, and my clients."

 -Sandra O

Embrace the unpredictable.
Without sacrificing you.

There’s no doubt that life in the military is a constant transition. But rather than getting caught in the cycle of disappointment and regret, let’s make a plan for what comes next:

➙  Increase your feelings of self-worth and confidence so you know exactly where your boundaries are and what you need from your spouse

➙  Encourage your sense of independence and clarity around your professional goals and dreams

➙  Make a plan for your future, regardless of where your military journey takes you

➙  Embrace your community and the support you need to manage difficult times, even when you’re far away from family

We’ll work together through group mentorship, 1:1 coaching, and my proprietary CARE Method to uncover the changes you need for a peaceful marriage. We’ll build a new foundation that can support you through deployments, long absences, and career disappointments. 

So whatever military life throws your way, you’ll be ready. 

The marriage bridge blueprint for a more fulfilling relationship 

The CARE Method is my proprietary framework for supporting your relationship growth through four crucial design phases. Inspired by my background in civil engineering, CARE is a structured blueprint to help you celebrate your core values and grow into your marriage...from the foundation up. You’re at the center of it, and I’m here to guide you through your ‘blueprint’ at every step.


Phase 1: Careful Consideration

The pre-design phase is all about planning. We often jump into marriage only to realize later that ‘winging it’ doesn’t serve us in the long term as life complicates our initial excitement & love. In the planning phase, we’ll determine your why, assess the long-term ‘cost’ of your marriage, and get clear on what you need and what you value to give you a fuller sense of what’s next.

Phase 2: Assess the Foundation

We’ll go a little deeper by assessing what’s at the heart of the marital issues you and your spouse are experiencing. We’ll explore the people, preconceptions, and mindset blockers that may be getting in the way of seeing the love your spouse is offering you. Once you’ve identified these potential hazards to your relationship, you’ll have a strong foundation to build your marriage on, which will bless you and others in your life. 

Phase 3: Reinforce the Structure

Marriage is a choice you make every day. You don’t do it because it’s easy; you do it because you believe in the other person. In this phase we’ll reinforce or strengthen your love for your spouse while giving you the added structure—or the rules and expectations you each need met to feel respected.

Phase 4: Engage + Trust

You’ve made your plans, and now it’s time to 
do, because the power is in the doing. You’ll apply your plan and put it into practice every day through intentional, open communication and trust-building.

I’m here for you!

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