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Uncategorized Feb 11, 2022

Hey girl!

I am so excited to finally share my thoughts with you through my blog! All the glory goes to God because He knows I’ve been through some trials. But all of that led me here to YOU.

You see, I’m not here just to help plan events and guide businesses and influencers to create impressive presentations. I’m here to create impactful extraordinary spaces where people can come together to get vision, produce change, and alter the lives of others for good!

But it didn’t start that way. Not at all. My event planning company was initially focused on weddings and milestone celebrations. I can’t help it: I love a good party! I niched down to weddings because one thing absolutely floored me, and I could not get enough: the vows. Hearing that commitment of love that the couple was promising to one another was a beautiful reminder to the couple and those experiencing their commitment. Whether they were married or not, it was a time when they could reflect on their own relationships and that beautiful commitment made to one another. I love that…and being on the dance floor!

Events are not just about what you learn from them on an intellectual level, but the experience you receive with all your senses. The exquisite environment, the well-thought mouth-watering meals, the inviting music that makes you start tapping your way to the dance floor; all of these crucial elements are part of the intricate design of creating experiences for a lifetime.

While I loved what I was doing in that season, the tide shifted when I came into proximity with life changers. I was surrounded by a sea of influencers and life coaches. I absolutely love working with them because they are not there to impress but impact. We come together to create transformation in people’s lives on a grander scale! Merging our skills, we create these “AHA” moments, through creative ideas, displays, and engagement opportunities that get you immersed in the activity. I’m not just focusing on just a pretty event, honey! Oh no! My focus is for the event to be purposeful AND profitable.

Of course I couldn’t forget my military spouses and servicewomen. These women deserve a community of support that encourages them to want more and not shame them or make them feel bad. That is why I designed a space for this with the Command Collective Community. As a military spouse myself, we’re a group of ambitious women that want to thrive, not just survive. We’re a group that wants to excel in our marriages, in our lives, and build a legacy. That may look different for everyone, but my purpose is to spark that light in this community. I didn’t see a space like this, so I created one.

Another experience I get to design is Military Marriage Day! This is the Armed Forces' newest holiday, celebrated August 14th for all couples, no matter what branch, active duty, reserve, guard, or retired. (Yup, another creation I dreamed up.) This is a time where they can focus on their relationship. We can still get our party on, but (Here comes my engineering background on this one!) what gets managed gets measured. We are intentionally creating a space to pause, think about the relationship, audit the relationship as a couple and as individuals, and come together to make it stronger. We share stories, have giveaways, and have so much fun.

So, as you can see, B Carroll’s Events, LLC has been through quite the transition to get to the point where we create experiences in events, build communities, and serve couples. And I do that in my own unique way with the magic that God has hooked me up with!

With that, I formally want to say to you, WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I’ll be talking about events, designing experiences, and designing the life you want to have. My passion is to help you manifest the fruit of your vision and make it come to life. I’m here for it!

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I will talk to you soon!


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