Meet Bree

Hey girl, hey!  Bree here!  I am an Air Force wife of 7 years, mom of three and a purpose driven entrepreneur that wants to make a difference in the world.  Each day I get to work with change makers and CEOs as I guide them to successfully leveraging live and virtual events to make greater impact. With B Carroll Events, LLC, my favorite part of the event planning, design and strategy process is always watching attendees receive the experience that was thoughtfully planned just for them.  I take this same joy into my work with service women and military spouses as a community builder.  I get to lead and reimagine what support looks like in our service community by curating experiences that allows women to thrive in the Command Collective Community.

When I'm not planning profitable and post worthy events, I'm on the mic recording Hearts & Stripes podcast with an exciting new guest.  For fun, I love to hit the town and try a new restaurant or dish with friends in my city or abroad.  In my down time you can catch me on the couch watching a new romantic comedy with my cup of tea and cozy blanket.  My superpower is bringing "hype girl" energy into any room so if you need a personal cheerleader for your scary idea or someone to get people on the dance floor, you know who to call.

Short Bio

Bree Carroll, the Military Marriage Coach, Event Specialist and Speaker, transforms spaces and hearts through authentic design and purposeful planning. With a background in civil engineering, Bree brings her brilliance of problem-solving and eye for design to couples, so they can design a marriage even more beautiful than their wedding day. Using her CARE method, she guides couples through designing a marriage that celebrates their core values. As a voice in the milspouse community and the 2020 - 2021 AFI Air Force Spouse of the Year, she celebrates strong military marriages. On her internationally broadcasted podcast, Hearts & Stripes, she speaks on the power of relationships.

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Mission & Values

Designing a thriving life, marriage & legacy based on your core values, one decision at a time.

B Carroll Events, LLC is committed to transforming spaces and hearts through authentic design and purposeful planning. We believe that our actions will build bridges that will impact those around us and generations to come. This is why we are committed to giving back to our Bridge Partners that are working to end homelessness, enhance our communities and give back to our service families.


The CARE Method is my proprietary framework for supporting your relationship growth through four crucial design phases. Inspired by my background in civil engineering, CARE is a structured blueprint to help you celebrate your core values and grow into your marriage...from the foundation up. You’re at the center of it, and I’m here to guide you through your ‘blueprint’ at every step.

Enough about me… what about you? Let’s connect!


The Difference

Bree uniquely addresses marriage coaching and relationship building with a relatable, fun and high energy approach. She is a natural connector and seamlessly weaving messages and themes in with her voice to ensure that the intended audience can connect the dots and are moved to act. Her podcast, Hearts & Stripes, which was launched in 2019 is a fresh perspective on celebrating marriage and is welcomed by her military and civilian listeners. As a thought leader and influencer, here are a few ways your brand can partner with Bree to make a lasting impact.

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